siuSCATS Interface Unit – SIU

It is obviously impractical and expensive to replace the city’s controllers with standard Australian controllers so that a City can benefit from SCATS.

SCOPE Traffic has now produced an interface device for SCATS called a SIU. The SIU can control most local traffic signal controllers through a variety of open protocols.

SCATS has been installed in over 27 countries and 135 cities worldwide and with the SIU device that number can increase markedly as existing controllers can be utilised.

The SIU is currently undergoing acceptance testing with Transport for NSW following successful field trials in Poland, Chile and other countries.


• Built-in Comms to SCATS via Ethernet (no modems or Ethernet converters required)
• The SIU supports any detection method that the local controller is using: loop detectors as well as video imaging. (Some detection technologies may not be   suitable for SCATS however.)
• Local controller pre-emption and Police manual operation can be reported to the SIU for transmission to SCATS
• The local controller still controls all lamp switching and conflict monitoring and all safety intervals
• Local "type approvals" relating to the controller operation are not violated (the SIU does not actually control any safety aspects)
• Remote User Interface. Utilising the SIU web server (SIU-UI), authorised control centre professionals and technicians can remotely download new SIU personalities (configurations), update firmware, stop and restart the device etc. This is a first for any SCATS device.


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